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And How We are Changing The Landscape

Why You Should Work With Us

Because we believe in partnering, not standardised ‘off-the-shelf’ packages. Because we work with people, for people and on behalf of people—where and how depends on what suits you.

We could go on about our specialised research, our methodologies and delivery orientation, but really it all comes down to our people. They’re the reason why we are able to hone in on and truly understand you and your market—not the databases, technologies or tools we use.

We know that our individuals and our networks are valuable, so we invest in them. We let them inform our opinions and advice, as well as how and where we search. Our success is inherently tied to our status as an organisation that challenges, consults and empowers.

Our reason for pursuing this is simple: because people’s careers deserve nothing less.

Where We’ve Come From

Murray McIntosh was launched in 2015, out of the belief that recruitment should be about individual empowerment, not just making placements.

Our consultative, long term approach has seen us grow rapidly. We already have a proven track record across the UK and are proud to be only the 3rd agency to build and invest in an accredited training platform linked to the IOR. This goes some way to providing an insight into our ambition and drive to empower.

Most importantly, our quick success hasn’t harmed our ambition. While you read this, our history is still being written.

Where We’re Going

As we move forwards, our investments into our systems, industries, offices and people are continuously increasing.

Individual development, both internal and external, has always been at our core. A large part of our focus will always be on growing experts and we enable this by aligning informed, empowered consultants with ambitious, developing sectors.

We’re committed to working with people for a reason. That means forming lasting relationships based on opportunity, not mandates built around boxes that are only there to be ticked. It’s this belief that allows us to establish and build on partnerships quickly.

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